Aerie Court
The eagle is one the largest and most powerful birds of prey. Soaring high above the earth, spying its prey with its keen eyes, the eagle presents a majestic picture. Eagles are notable for their powerful set of eyes. Even though their eyes are just slightly larger than human eyes, they can see up to 3½ times better than a person with perfect vision. And can see a fellow eagle soaring 50 miles away, Wahoo! You say, we carefully named our estate after this powerful creature, using all its potential to build and develop a powerful mini estate for our subscribers.
The development on completion will accommodate apartments called, THE EAGLETS. A 1 bedroom Semidetached Bungalow, The EAGLES. A 2 Bedroom Semidetached Bungalow and THE CONVOS. A 3 Bedroom Semidetached Bungalow Block of Flats with all room en-suite . Careful attention was has been given not only to the layout, but to every detail, guaranteeing aesthetic perfection, accessibility and functionality with gardens, residential Car parks, walkways, wide roads, Waste management, Security, Children playground e.t.c
We are set to make you soar in a Serene, Secure, and spacious environment.
...Aerie Court a home indeed

Pishon Properties is developing a mini estate called AERIE COURT, Moniya sited on 3000sqm of land around Onikankan area within our estate, Cityview Garden in Moniya Ibadan, Oyo State
Aerie Court, Moniya is designed to offer affordable living experience, which blueprint intend to cater for divers’ class of people.
The development on completion will accommodate 4 families that will share the block of 4 flats with careful attention paid to the functionality and privacy of each occupant like;

  • Each flats upstairs has its separate Staircase
  • Sufficient Car Park for all occupant that accommodate 2 cars for each flat
  • Good title documents on the property
  • 3 rooms all en-suite
  • Aesthetic perfection
  • Accessibility and functionality with Gardens,
  • Walkways,
  • Wide roads,
  • Waste management,
  • Security house en-suite,
  • Children playground


  • Good Road Network

  • Dwarf Fencing

  • Layout Plan

  • Recreation

  • 24Hour Street Light

  • Global C of O

  • Serene and Secure Environment

  • Bore hole


  • Good Road Network

  • Pop ceiling (plaster of paris)

  • Window: casement

  • Floor: fortified tiles


Payment Plan


Promo Price

Down Payment of 30%


70%  Balance

The Eaglets

1 Bedroom Semidetached Bungalow

N 4,000,000




70% balance will be spread over 18 months at cost monthly(N155,000). And at 90% payment key to your apartment will be handed over to you.


Actual Price: N4,500,000


70% balance will be spread over 24 months at cost monthly(N131,250/months). And at 90% payment key to your apartment will be handed over to you.

The Eagles

2 Bedroom Semidetached Bungalow



70% balance will be spread over 24 months at cost monthly(N265,500/months).

The Convos

3 Bedroom Semidetached Bungalow

Based on Request

Based on Request

Based on Request


Project Delivery time
In order to ease the impact of the cost of development, we propose to carry out this project in 3 phases. Our team has a perfect plan to deliver this project by July 30, 2019
Note: Subject to market price preview.

Bank Account:
  • Bank                    Access/Diamond Bank
  • Account Name     Pishon Properties ltd
  • Account No          0053050127
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1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


Eagles Court Estate Layout


3D Layout Plan




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